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Our CORE Projects women only sport sessions are continuing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The trainees are really enjoying the sessions and like having a say about the exercises and music for the session.

Juanita said "I enjoyed the session; my favourite part was the stretching."

Fathema said "The session was very good, I liked the swimming actions."

Sam said "My favourite part was the kicking movement and that it’s something I can do at home and helps me to sleep. I also found the head movements easy to do. I like the range of activities."

Karen said "The session was good and I liked everything."
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For Monday's dance session our CORE Projects mixed it up a bit with different songs and different actions. The trainees still need to work on their new routine. But everyone is enjoying the dancing to music - they had a lot of fun!

Juanita “It was good today. But we need actions to Britney Spears songs. We need to come up with movements. I enjoyed my songs, I like it and was laughing at Dawud.”

Jess “It was good today. I liked doing the actions to my songs The Macarena and JLS song.“

Ebony “It was really fun but the sound was cutting in and out sometimes. We need to get some actions for some of the songs.”

Fathema “It was good and a little tiring. I would like a swimming action to the songs”

Karen “It was good. I liked doing the different songs. Need to decide some actions for the songs though”

Sam “I liked the songs and it was good and I enjoyed it today. I know some of the songs so if anyone knows the song they will know the actions.”
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2 days ago

ICM Foundation CIC

We have had our first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine will help protect us against the effects of COVID-19 but we will still need to wear our masks, stay 2m away from other people when we are out and about and wash our hands with sanitiser when we are out but also when we return home. We will need to have the 2nd dose in 12 weeks time. We went to the Excel Centre in Docklands and staff were reassuring, helpful and it was very quick.

Please stay safe and remember:

Face - wear a mask when you are out and about

Space - stay 2m away from other people when you are out

Hands - wash your hands regularly with soap or hand sanitizer

Stay safe everyone!
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5 days ago

ICM Foundation CIC

Our online Women's Only Sports Sessions continue to run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Trainees are supported to stretch, exercise, play games together such as hangman and Pictionary and learn about fitness and being active. ... See MoreSee Less

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