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6 days ago

ICM Foundation CIC

Our trainees did amazingly today in such hot weather to go to Victoria Park cycling with Bikeworks and playing tennis on the courts.

We made sure everyone had plenty of water, hit the shade to stay cooler and we took the day really easy. We also introduced the group to two new student placements called Tanjina and Shakila.

Juanita said "It was amazing today! We did the cycling with Bikeworks which was good. Then we did the tennis but it was too hot."

Sharif said "It was really good today. We did cycling. I went on the recliner and the chain broke. Then I went on a two wheeler and tried really hard and did really well. Then we did tennis after lunch went that was really good."

Ajmol said "Today we went and did the cycling. I went round the park and had some exercise. After lunch we went and played tennis. Then it was boiling hot weather. But we played doubles."

Karen said "Today was awesome because we did bike riding and I went twice round with Aisha. My bike was making a squeaking noise though. Then we had lunch and then we played tennis and we had to practise first and then we had to play a match. And I was on Juanita team and we won! Juanita did some good shots."
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1 week ago

ICM Foundation CIC

Today CORE Projects said good bye to Sesay our final student placement from University of East London before the summer. We held a short presentation before going to All Star Lanes in Brick Lane to bowl and eat.

Sharif said "It was really good the bowling and I got 111 and I was second.
I was top of my group. I had the chicken burger and it was really nice and I really enjoyed it and would go back there again. I would call it 10 star bowling."

Shaheen said "Today was really really hot, the bowling was a little bit alright, the food was really, really nice but there was too much of it. The drink was really nice. It’s a really nice place that is nice and big and you can relax when you are having your food.
I miss Sesay and sad to see him go."

Taz said "The bowling was ok. I have done some bowling before. The food was ok. I had the chicken burger and fries. It was too much food."

Wobi said "The bowling was great fun and a good day. The food was good and I finish all my food and drink. The place was nice and I would like to go there again."

Juanita said "It was amazing today. The bowling was good and different because I have never been in there before. The food was nice but the burger was too big! The place was spotless."

Karen said "The bowling was awesome and I have been there before. I got a few half strikes as well. The food was awesome too. Everything was good. It was very clean and big place to go and eat."

Fathema said "It was really good and I enjoyed bowling the ball. I liked the food but the burger was too big to hold and I had to cut it in half. The food was nice but it had lemon in it. I took that out. It was a really nice place and we can go together as a family."

Rukya said "Today we went bowling and it was the last day we will see Sesay. We all went to do bowling and and the after bowling we had foood to eat. My team won the bowling. Then we had a big burger with fries and it was very nice and tasty and crunchy. We said good bye tomSrsay and it was very sad to see him go. The place was very nice."

Ajmol said "It was good and I liked doing the bowling and I had two spare. I was a bit rubbish but it was good. The food was ok and tasty chicken.

Good luck to Sesay and we wish him all the very best for the future.
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2 weeks ago

ICM Foundation CIC

On Monday 12th July the CORE News team went to Pollard's Square to try the outdoor gym equipment. We walked there and after doing a warm up we went on to try different gym equipment. When we came back to the centre we wrote the article for our trip to see the Summer lights exhibition around Canary Wharf.

Karen said "Today was brilliant. We went to the outdoor gym and everyone had turns to go onto the different equipment. I went on the bike, the step ups and then I went on one where I have to sit and pull down. Then we walked back to the centre and we had our lunch. After lunch we wrote out the Summer Lights at Canary Wharf article and we all typed it up."

Fathema said "We had our morning meeting where we talked about what we have been doing. Then after that we went to the outdoor gym and we were using different exercise machines to to different exercise. It was good using the different exercise machines. There was one that was cycling, another spinning and another where you had to do punch ups and pull ups. Then we came back to the centre and had our lunch. After lunch we did some typing about the trip we went to last Monday about the lights."

Rukya said "Today we had fun and went to the outdoor gym and we did different exercise and took it in turn to use the different machines for a minute. Then we came back to the centre to do typing and talked about Sesay leaving next week."

Shaheen said "It was alright today because I really liked it. We went out to the outside gym and my favourite part was the warm ups we did before using the gym equipment. Then we used the different gym equipment and then we came back to the centre. We had our lunch and after lunch we talked about the article from our trip last week and we typed it up. Then we talked about the changes to the project."

Taz said "Today was good and we went to do some exercises and then we had our lunch and after lunch we typed on the computer."
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2 weeks ago

ICM Foundation CIC

Today the CORE News Team looked at clips from Justice League, a film we recently watched. We talked about the film, what we liked about it and what it was about. Then, we talked about our trip to the outdoor gym in Pollards Square and doing different exercises. We typed up our articles for the next editon of CORE News. ... See MoreSee Less

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3 weeks ago

ICM Foundation CIC

On Wednesday 8th July CORE Projects sports group played hockey, tennis and table tennis. We practised our skills with drills and did a penalty shoot out in hockey, played doubles and singles in tennis and table tennis.

Wobi said "Today was great. We played hockey round the cone and passing and shooting. After lunch we played table tennis I won four games. Then we played soft tennis, passing and a bit of a match."

Sharif said "We did hockey then after hockey we had lunch then we did table tennis then tennis. Today was really good and I enjoyed played table tennis."

Karen said "Today we played hockey we passed it around then we did penalty shootout which was good. After that we had lunch and we played some table tennis, then I had my meeting then I played a little soft tennis which was good. Today was brilliant, awesome!"
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